Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anchor UP!!!

I know its been a while...almost two weeks lol! But I'm back with a bunch of thoughts and ideas.  I will say that recharging and taking time for self to re-evaluate is so necessary...but I digress (but do try it some time:). Ok back to the blog lol!

On the heels of achieving the goal of getting my Group Exercise Certification (thats right, I passed:),  I've been thinking about how my support system has been a staple  in anchoring me towards success. Take for instance, the success of  passing the test for my group exercise certification. I registered and paid for my test in December of 2010, tho the test did not take place until February 14, 2011. However, I sought out support from my closest friends (Shelley B and Tron) as well as my instructors. I found that when I made myself accountable to them that I wanted to stay on track, work harder, and succeed; they were my anchors. Not only that, but I gained a wealth of information from using my instructor as a part of my support system and my anchor.

Now here is the translation that can be applied to healthy living. Sometimes we find that taking the journey alone can be overwhelming at times, easily frustrated and so we may drift/wonder away from our journeys.  I've found that when we choose to be accountable to others, the accountablilty  helps to keep you on track and keep you on your toes. Not only is the accountabilty a great help to keep you on track, but the support from your peers helps push you past those low points becoming an anchor to keep you on task.   So do anchor up and tell someone what your working on so you can find the support you need so you don't drift  away from your goals.You don't have to do everything all alone...and as someone may be the anchor you need, you in turn, can be the anchor for someone else.

I researched this word anchor and here are my favorite highlights of the defnition (ha ha mainly all of them):
  1. a heavy object, usually a shaped iron weight with flukes, lowered by cable or chain to the bottom of a body of water to keep a vessel from drifting
  2. any device that holds something else secure
  3. anything that gives or seems to give stability or security
  4. a person who anchors a team, newscast, etc.
  5. to keep from drifting, giving way, etc., by or as by an anchor
intransitive verb
  1. to lower the anchor overboard so as to keep from drifting
  2. to be or become fixed
Who is your anchor?!! and how does  your anchor help:)  you post your comments

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