Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life after the Grammys

So it's been a little over a week since attending the Grammys and I'm still at a loss for words. I have mixed emotions about the entire experience. On one hand, it was an honor to experience the ceremony & witness the behind the scenes stuff and on the other hand, I questioned why i was I there. Like how do I fit in this world of, who are you?, what do you do?, who do u know ?, how do i make sure I outshine the next just to get new contacts? I saw that everywhere I went. It was like people upon people trying to climb their way up and honestly I was instantly homesick and disappointed with the realization that I didn't fit in. I guess some may call it a weakness but I genuinely want to connect and not just discipher in 5 minutes rather they are worthy of my time (based upon if they can advance my career). But that's just me.

Above all I was left with the question where do I fit in? Where is the spot that is just for me here, in hollywood. I'm still searching: and learning. Overall the Grammys are def an experience and you learn so much about the process. I am def constantly preparing myself and learning how to be the artist I want to be.
Practice makes perfect :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dreams, to be or not to be

At the top of every year, I construct an illustrative dream board noting my dreams goals and aspirations. Flashback, to last year's dream board, at the top of the year, I had a word on there that said Grammy. In May 2012, I took a picture with the word Grammy at my album release party (we wrote down our dreams and posed with them). Just so you know, my dream is to be awarded a grammy:). Now, a year later I'm sitting for the flight to Cali to attend the Grammys:) Wowzers! God is truly awesome:) Now, I'm not being a awarded with a Grammy YET, but I am preparing myself to accept the award with this trip. It's all a process... And our process is predicated on the decisions we make or not make.

Faith without works is ... Dead. So in essence, every belief or dream, should have a supportive action.... Without the supportive action steps, dream float away and seem unreachable. I started with a dream and a word. Once I said It was a goal, i took action steps to achieve it (i.e renew my grammy membership, attend more events, connect with like minded folks, etc). No magic wand made it happen, but my actions to support my beliefs made it happen. Now, I haven't received my GRammy yet, and know that its not because I didn't try this year lol (I made the Grammy entry nomination list), . But I'm not afraid (wait I'm lying, sometimes I am) to act on what I believe. I guess it comes down to how bad you want your dream to be or not be.
Welp gotta board the plane ttyl let me know your thoughts


Monday, February 4, 2013

Let's Just B.E.

I am who I am.  I am a person who loves learning, adventure, singing, dancing, baking, writing, reading, loving, motivating others, family time, laughing, working out, exploring, dreaming, creating, etc. I'm all those things, but not necessarily in that order:).  In the past, I'd try to have strict separations between my loves.  For example, I'd try to separate the artist in me, Green Tea, from the Praise & Worship member and leader, Tekeah.  In my mind, they had to be different. More specifically, Tekeah had to be different from Green Tea, especially in the church.  I don't know where that idea or thought came from but it was there.  I can remember ever so vividly trying to be like something I wasn't. But then there was a shift when I realized that Green Tea is me. Green Tea is how I sing in the clubs and also how I sing in church.  The only difference is my attire (as I'm not wearing a church uniform to my singing engagements lol Ever). My heart is the same. 

 But, I remember, as if if was yesterday, when I felt the merge....ha ha when Green Tea accidentally slipped out while leading praise and worship....it was there where I felt, this is you and who I've called you to B.E. Since that moment, I've been learning how to b.e. (be empowered). Slowly but surely, I've realized that I don't have to separate pieces of me. I am who I am. I be who I be. All the things that I enjoy and love are the ingredients that make me.  Hence, the revamping of this blog:)  Welcome! No longer will you get separate components music, health, family, etc....you're going to get it all lumped in one, right here on this blog. As all the parts are intertwined, so its no point in separating them:) 

**aside: I think a lot of artists experience a lot of sadness and or turmoil, because their image does not coincide with the core of who they are and what they believe....and then when they try to actually be who they are, they are generally rejected or experience internal conflict.  Do you know of any artists who have gone thru this? I can name a few.

I wonder, what things are you separating that could/should be together? Let me know your thoughts:)

Talk to ya soon:)