Friday, December 23, 2011

Its the most wonderful time of the year!!

Wowzers, its been  how many months since I last blogged?!! 3 months!! Geez louise, time does fly. In the last 3 months so much has changed...I've gotten married, am a step mother of 3, amongst other things... whew! So I got married this past November, and now it's that time of year again where we're embarking upon the holidays and festivity seasons.... seems like celebration after celebration!!

Now in speaking about the holidays, one lady asked me how do I stay on target or continue with my healthy living with all the cookies and pies around. She went on to ask me, could I get rid of all the cookies for her. I told her I can't get rid of the cookies but I can tell you how to eat them. She looked at me with a blank stare. LOL. But honestly that's all I can do. I don't believe in denying oneself our guilty pleasures, but I do believe in balance, moderation, and planning for them.

After all, that is how I survived Thanksgiving and Christmas, and New Years. I did indulge in my favorites, but I had a plan as to how to indulge and not feel guilty. It dawned on me that the same holidays come around the same time every year....and....i generally like the same stuff every year...not that much has knowing that, I can plan accordingly.  So here are my little tidbits that have been helpful and that I'm going to use again.

Question to ask: What things am I looking forward to eating during these occasions? How can I spread the love? (meaning how can I have them but maybe not have them all in one day). *sidebar*And if your doing weight watchers (like I am), I would find out the point plus value for each and already subtract them from my target:) I would use the remaining pointplus values to eat:)

So for me...what I do is I make up in today going to be a treat myself day...if that is the case then I'm going to go with the more filling foods for that day until I get to my treat surprise. Let's use a celebration that I am looking forward to....Christmas Eve @ Mom Montgomery's!! Wee hee!! (mouth has begun to salivate already)

My highlight for that day is the sweet potato cheesecake:) ooh yum and some other sweets. lol
So on the day of Christmas eve....I'mma do a light breakfast (maybe some yogurt, a banana,  and some tea,) lunch I'll do either a filling soup and salad with fruit and water, snacks in between maybe some string cheese,  fruit, and water....  (when you eat light little things before the throw down you can make better choices...because you arent' starved lol...meaning your stomach isn't eating its lining lol)

not eating the entire day before you go to the shindig...that will set you up and your most likely to overeat...and its not good for you anyway.
not drinking water  (throughout day..keeps your stomach feeling full and ensures you don't get dehydrated)

Okay back  to the food plan...after I eat light..then its Mom Montgomery's house oh yeah. My plan is strategic:)
1st. plate:) veggies first (why, because they are a good foundation for the tummy and they fill you up)....and drink some water.
2nd. plate little bit of turkey, lil ham
3rd. plate  desssert wee hee...a lil slither of this. a that not a full slice...then my glory sweet potato cheese cake.  *side bar* and the thing is because i had that foundation of veggies..i won't eat as much of the cakes and pies...i will still have some but not as much.
4th plate (desserts to go)...and freeze them for later:)....that way i can always have the holiday treats even after the holidays

Last years' goal was to not gain 20 lbs (that's how much I would normally gain from Thanksgiving to new years)...and i gained 3lbs (a drastic improvement)
This year's goal is to maintain...and I've already started to prepare by doing some extra workouts lol....cuz that sweet potato cheesecake is getting in my belly lol!

I said this all to say find a plan that works for you!! Also, remember this, what you don't have this year, will be there year after year!! This will not be the last time you eat during these holidays!
If others have plans that they've used post em up!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miles and Miles for fresh food?!! Are you crazy!!

So it was two weeks a ago, a  dreary  Thurday  evening in DC, and I was on my way to meet up with the girls to attend my first Mystics b ball game (shouts out to Jeree). While I was walking thru 8th street NW to get to my destination,  I noticed that there was a crowd of people with stands and food. Did someone say food?!! Lol..of course I had to do a quick check of the viddle situations before going to the Verizon center...and what did I find?!! Fresh fruit and vegetables, and cheese, and meat...and a whole bunch of other home grown things.  I was like a kid in a candy shop as I 'm always willing to try different things. So I went to my go to foods (the fruits)...I knew there were going to be chips and other tempations at the basketball game...and I had already set in my mind to not get involved in those fiascos I got some fruit. I brought some peaches from a farm and some asian pears (which I Love asian pears lol)....and let me tell you...this was the best fruit I've even had in my life. Grant it, I've only be alive for 30 years (31 years tomorrow) lol...but still. My tastebuds were doing a little jig after having a peach.  Then, I made the mistake of sharing my fruit fortune with the kiddies...who took the fruit down without any second guess its best that they love fruit rather than candy lol. Not only did the kiddies take the remaining fruit down...they pressed me almost everyday..where are the asian pears?..did you get anymore?...when you going back?...where is the farmer's market? Can you go there today?...and so on and so on. Needless to say, that next week, I was back at the farmer's market coming home with more fruit lol ( I found out that they are there every thursday).  I traveled from White Plains, Md to NW DC, just to experience that sensation awaken my tastebuds so they could do that jig again...and also to shut the kiddies mouths up for a little while lol. 

Now this farmer's market is a bit far from me...but there are homegrown products and farmer's markets within the vincity of our homes.  I encourage you to test them out:) some are less expensive then the produce at the actual grocery stores. Have you ever tried a farmer's market and their produce before...let me know your thoughts!!

Afterall, The FOOD thats ALIVE (literally causing your taste buds to do a jig) is worth the DRIVE:)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bored with food?!! Challenge!!

So this past Monday, I was able to catch up on  some of the show Criminal minds ( i really like that show)....and the episode I was watching was about this serial killer who started a routine of toruturing one female to death...but then became bored with killing one female a he doubled up and killed two a day. I was like wow...he became that bored and challenged himself to see if he could get away with 2 a day...and he got away with it (until he wanted to give himself away). So I started thinking ...hmmm i should do that too!! Not kill people of course lol...but when things get boring..challenge myself and try something different to keep me interested.

So I thought...hey I often get bored with foods let me try something different. For some reason challenges keep me engaged and keep me striving towards something.  So for the next couple of days...i'mma challenge myself to do the simply filling technique (a technique from Weight Watchers) where you eat mainly power foods. (fruits, veggies, low-fat milk/ cheese, beans, etc). I'mma try it for the next couple of days and see how it works out. I have realized thru this process that I am goal oriented....and that it helps me to set weekly goals so I can strive towards them. When I write down a goal and set my aim towards I find that I am most successful.  I'll let you know how it goes...or you can join with me:)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Experiment with different foods:)

So I regretfully say this (as I know this increases my geek status)...but I read cookbooks for fun lol. I'll read anything...even when I was younger i'd sit on the toilet and read all the ingredients to every bottle under the sink lol... I know I know TMI (too much info)... but you get my drift, LOL.  Anyways, becaues I read cook books for fun, I don't remember half the time if  I came up with recipes myself or if its a combo of something I read....nonetheless here it goes.

So last week...I decided I was going to try to do something different with food. I mean last week I was in a slump and was just finding food to be boring. So I decided that I'd create something to stimulate my tastes buds:0) and it worked. Okay, so I made a pizza using a portabella mushroom (no bread) :) wee hee. So this is what I can try it too or dock it up for your liking:).

I got a Portabella mushroom from Sam's (its huge) and it served as my pizza circle (ha ha the foundation of my pizza) and then I sauteed some spinach, mini sweet peppers, and onions. I cut off the stem of the portabella, added the topping, and then added some low-fat mixed cheese and put in the broiler for a few and voila:) home-made goodness:)

Oh and I liked it so much that I made it again a second time (in fact the next day lol)..adding a little bit of prego spaghetti sauce before I added the toppings:) Delicious!! So I encourage you to switch it up!! Ooh you could prob add some baccon bits, or chicken lol!Try this or try something new to keep it fun and interesting:) Experiment and or get some cook books!! wee hee!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meatless Day?!

Eggplant Parmesean from Clydes:)  I give it a happy stomach:)
Last week, I tried going meatless for a day.... it was Thursday of last week to be exact. Initially, I thought it was going to be a challenge, but it turned out that it wasn't so bad. In fact, I enjoyed it and found that I was so satisfied & even had more energy that day. It was a great experience:).

What's funny is that when I was in college, I went meatless for 2 years and was thick as a snickers (aka overweight) and was unsatisfied with food.

Now, after trying a day, I realize my errors while going meatless in college, in that I wasn't building a satisfying and delicious meal, but was filling my meals with high calorie empty foods. But now, I know that I can:) go meatless for a day, a week, however, long I want and be satisfied and enjoy it:) by trying different protein sources and pairing them with veggies, grains, fruit, etc Have you ever gone meatless?!! What was your experience and what are your fav meatless dishes?

Check out what I had on my meatless Thursday:):

Oatmeal w/ wildberries
Almond bar
Arugla salad w/peanuts, cheese crumbles, fruit
Eggplant Parmesean (from Clydes:) so delicious)
Peach Cobbler w/ a scoop of ice-cream

I think I just might try another meatless meal!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Forget ME Not!

Family and friends, the thought just occurred to me (well its been recoccuring actually).....that I 've been neglecting my blogging about the journey  and transiton to healthy living....Please forgive has defintiely gotten in the way....with planning a wedding (oh yeah....I'm getting married  November 19, 2011),
See Proposal here------------------------------->

recording a new album (Dosage III: The Time to B.E), and working for weight watchers amongst other things...some pieces of me that I love, got lost in the sauce. So I'm here to revive my simple joys and take those moments out for me.

I found that even on this journey to healthy living how important it is to remember the simple things that you love. I find that as a woman its easy to go into neglect mode and forget the things that sparked your light...made you that fire work....afterall, most of us are natural nurturers (always doing stuff for others).

So I ask you, what is your simple  joy thats getting overcrowded by other stuff... that deserves you shaking the dust off it, so you can experience that beauty it you writing a book, dancing, reading, etc. What is it?!! Healthy living isn't just about physcial health, but its also about your mental healthy too:)

Share your thoughts on this post:)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Committment Issues...

So I confess, I may have some committment issues. I just may have some. Idk. This epiphany came to me a couple of weeks ago while I was attending a training for people who are enthusiastic about helping others lose weight.  We were like a cult--lol--all lovers of helping others maximize their potential. It was really funny to see so many other people who had  hearts like you to see others grow, develop, and most of all, be happy with their bodies and themselves as a whole. It was during a discussion amongst this group about maintaining goal weights that jarred my thinking.

You see, my initial goal was 130 (October of 2010) and since then I've lost an additional 13 or so pounds.  Yet, I have kept my goal weight as 130. Normally, you readjust your goals as you begin to feel more comfortable with where you are. But me, I knew I was not returning to 130lbs but  yet I feared adjusting my goal to 120 or something else.  I noticed that when I thought about changing it...the what ifs creeped in or the thought that I would be unable to stick with one thing for a lifetime.    I feared failure and so I did nothing. I didn't commit...because of fear.

It's amazing how fear can just creep in when you aren't even paying attention. I realize during this transition to healthy living that its important to nip things in the bud before they take root and lead to other issues. So here is my uprooting of this fear plant that is trying subtly choke my beautiful flowers. I have decided that I will readjust my goal and stick with it. I know you may be thinking whats the big deal. The big deal is that decisions you make in one area of life often mirror other areas in your life.

Like many, I have been in the situation as it relates to transitioning to healthy living, that I would not commit to anything because of fear. I would let things just happen with no focus because of the fear of committment leading to a failure that I could not handle emotionally. So I did nothing.  Thinking that at least if I did  nothing, I'd really couldn't pin point the blame on me, right?! Well no more!The time is now to uproot those fears and go for the gusto!! Who's with me!! What is keeping you from committing to certain things in your life? Lets get it ! The time is now!:)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm so Angry right now---I wanna eat!!

You ever hear something said about you or have an incident happen where it just burns you up?!! The best way I can describe this feeling is the picture of  the cartoon where the character literally has steam and fire coming from its ears...yes, I had one of those moments today. I was uber angry and frustrated.  Nothing like trying to do your best and instead of it going noticed, it is ignored and or criticized. Well anyways that moment happened to me today and on the ride home....wanna know what I thought about?!!

I thought about how to make myself feel better. I know just the thing!...I'll make myself  a peppermint ice-cream cone (i love peppermint ice-cream)....maybe 2...that sweet sensation will make me feel better and melt away this anger. I know your thinking, you thought that? ...not you...yes me!! I thought that and was even planning to do it too. Then I stopped and really thought about what i was thinking about doing lol.. funny....sometimes i actually do mental talk and play out the situation in my mind before doing it...i said sometimes lol

Could I have the ice-cream cone yes.  Could I have 2 ice-cream cones yes. But really was I eating because I wanted to treat myself, was hungry, or angry? I wanted the ice cream cones because I was emotionally triggered. I was upset. I wasn't hungry I was upset. I decided then that even though I love that ice-cream,   I did not want to start a pattern of eating to satisfy my emotions. I didn't want to start eating to satisfy being angry and so I didn't. I thought of another alternative I had in the watermelon...that I could eat it if I truly wanted to eat something. The end result was I didn't eat the ice-cream or the watermelon at all. I ended up venting my feelings, taking a hot shower, and journaling my feelings  instead of eating my problems away. I realized that even after I would've eaten the ice-cream that would have not have satisfied the problem.

I shared my experience to shed light that its important that we are cognizant of the reasons we are eating.....and that we aren't satifying our feelings with comfort food...because when we do, we end up with a much bigger problem both literally and figuratively.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to eat your anger, your sadness, happiness? How'd you handle it:) or in hindsight how would you handle it now:)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Showers Come May Flowers!!

Wee hee the seasons are changing, the seasons are changing...can you feel it?! I know it has its ups and downs...cold rain here, and sun here and there, etc, but I don't care tho, cause I know whats a coming lol!! Soon it will be summer and with summer comes my favorite fruits!!

I hereby confess that I am a fruit-a-holic.
Check out this uber sexy asian pear!! Am I the only one who gets turned on by this lol!!

Okay back to the subject at hand....alas the seasons are a changing and I realize that for some reason, I tend to want to eat lighter as the seasons change. Anybody else feel that way? So here's a simple fruit roll call for ya.  What are your favorite fruits and veggies and how do you dress them up (you know, make eating them fun)?

Like for me, I love my blueberries in a cup of cottage cheese or in plain greek yogurt (sweetened with splenda).  Oh...and dipping bananas in chocolate and freezing them!!
Sometimes I make a pine-apple and banana smoothie ....
Or I eat little fresh apricots...

Tell me some of your fruit or veggie concoctions!! Lets get it!

Oh side-bar, this past weekend I went to Weight Watcher BLS training (the training to become a fabulous and dynamic Weigh Watchers LEADER) in Boston...hung out with some cool peeps (incorparted them into lifelong buddies) but most of all I learned how to continue to encourage and empower people on this journey to healthy living tee hee!! So watch out world!! Meet the Boston's Best BLS Group eva coming to a meeting room in your neck of the woods!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anchor UP!!!

I know its been a while...almost two weeks lol! But I'm back with a bunch of thoughts and ideas.  I will say that recharging and taking time for self to re-evaluate is so necessary...but I digress (but do try it some time:). Ok back to the blog lol!

On the heels of achieving the goal of getting my Group Exercise Certification (thats right, I passed:),  I've been thinking about how my support system has been a staple  in anchoring me towards success. Take for instance, the success of  passing the test for my group exercise certification. I registered and paid for my test in December of 2010, tho the test did not take place until February 14, 2011. However, I sought out support from my closest friends (Shelley B and Tron) as well as my instructors. I found that when I made myself accountable to them that I wanted to stay on track, work harder, and succeed; they were my anchors. Not only that, but I gained a wealth of information from using my instructor as a part of my support system and my anchor.

Now here is the translation that can be applied to healthy living. Sometimes we find that taking the journey alone can be overwhelming at times, easily frustrated and so we may drift/wonder away from our journeys.  I've found that when we choose to be accountable to others, the accountablilty  helps to keep you on track and keep you on your toes. Not only is the accountabilty a great help to keep you on track, but the support from your peers helps push you past those low points becoming an anchor to keep you on task.   So do anchor up and tell someone what your working on so you can find the support you need so you don't drift  away from your goals.You don't have to do everything all alone...and as someone may be the anchor you need, you in turn, can be the anchor for someone else.

I researched this word anchor and here are my favorite highlights of the defnition (ha ha mainly all of them):
  1. a heavy object, usually a shaped iron weight with flukes, lowered by cable or chain to the bottom of a body of water to keep a vessel from drifting
  2. any device that holds something else secure
  3. anything that gives or seems to give stability or security
  4. a person who anchors a team, newscast, etc.
  5. to keep from drifting, giving way, etc., by or as by an anchor
intransitive verb
  1. to lower the anchor overboard so as to keep from drifting
  2. to be or become fixed
Who is your anchor?!! and how does  your anchor help:)  you post your comments

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Healthy Living!!- I've got the Power!

So this week I celebrate my 1st year of transitioning to healthy living and almost 6 months of maintaining my weight!!  I'm taking time to embrace this accomplishment and my achievement.  I realize that often times we just run past our achievements so quickly but then spend the most  time dwelling on our disappointments or our failures.  But not me!! In honor of my celebration, I'm taking new recommitting pictures to healthy living  (just purchased my new swim suit) and going over what worked for me. It's me week! lol

I am stopping, thinking, acknowledging and celebrating my growth and areas of improvement ( we all need to take a moment to pause for our own cause:).  I've realized in taking this time that I've learned so much.  I've learned that I can commit and accomplish anything that I believe that I can.  I really believe nothing is impossible when you believe! I 've also realized that sometimes the personal journeys you take for yourself that people watch and gleam from you as well and benefit.  That lesson in an of itself has taught me a lot...sometimes all we need is one person and there can be a domino effect.  Just as someone served as a leading Domino in my life, I serve as a leading domino in others effect, and so on and so on...and it keeps going. All is takes is one to commit!

And my commitment to this journey has been a stepping stone to conquer other areas in my life. For instance, I was talking to one of my girlfriends the other I was having the heebie jeebies (like I wanted to have sex) and my hormones were raging and I got a fine ain't lying...and I was just venting about how hard  it is being celibate.  As I was talking  to my girlfriend, I remembered my transition to healthy living. I was reminded that if I can conquer losing weight (162lbs to 119.2 lbs) then surely I can conquer the heebie jeebies lol and staying celibate. I got the power!!  All that from taking on the journey to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

I could go on  and on with lessons that I 've learned.   This journey has just blessed my life and taught me so much.  To think, I started with just wanting to improve in being consistent and being committed no matter my feelings....but I have evolved to being a passionate person about health, increased self-esteem, confidence, a person who actually loves working out, empowering others...and so on and so on.

So this week...take a moment and pause  and celebrate and honor your own achievements. I know I will:)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its Never tooooo Late!!

Have you even met someone who was pregnant eons ago say, "this is from the baby"....and their child is like 22 lol. Just kidding:) but I do know of people who have used having  a baby until the wheels of that excuse falls off...but we all have excuses that we use for crutches....I'm too old, I'm too busy, I'm too tired... the list is endless... so after seeing this video of this 90 something year old woman breaking records and living her life...i thought I would tackle this one "it's never too late....and you're never too old."  Thanks Shelley B for sending this inpsirational story and clip my way.

Check it out! A 90+ young woman is breaking sprinting records! She started running at 67 years old! This is truly awesome! A true testament that its never too late to start at anything. All we have to do is take the first step:)

The ultimate power to healthy living is to believe...and keep trying...knowing and believing that its never too late!!

Whats one thing that you can start today? :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I need some me time---

 Let me tell you about a fantabulous woman:) My grandmother, the world's biggest most caring person is known for taking care of everybody and even their grandmother, lol. In fact, the running joke is that when you came home,  you didn't know who was going to be in the house taking residence on the my grandmother would often take in family members, people off the street, etc.

Growing up, I saw my grandmother take care of countless people and even heard of her caretaking days pre-Tekeah (you know, before i was born). So keeping that same line of caretaking, my first job out of grad school was a social worker with therapeutic foster care kids...needless to say, I was taking care of other people's childen, and everything in between. I knew their date of births, their last dental, physical, vision, etc. ..all that and then some. I learned as a social worker that when working with people and their lives, something is always going on as people's lives never stop. I mean they never stop!! I also learned during my almost 6 year tenure as a social worker that I created a dangerous pattern of putting others before me.

This pattern left me, sadly overweight, depressed, and unhappy. I can't eat lunch because I "had to do" others people's stuff.  I seemed to always say yes when I should have said no.  As I've transitioned to healthy living, I've realized my worth, my value, and how important it is for me to make time for me and also for me to say no when it is at the expense of my happiness or my mental health wellfare.   Think about this...out of 24 hours in the day, what time have you made for yourself? I know for some you have kids, you have work , you have this....but let me tell you this...because you have all these things YOU MUST plan your ME TIME. You are that important to plan time for you....even if its reading 5 pages of a must read book while using the bathroom (away from the kids, lol,etc). Create that me-time happiness for you---you are that important--and its essential to healthy living:)

Share how you created your "ME" Time space:

I'll start, there is a certain meeting I go to on Saturday mornings, when I could work those days (make some extra money for some future planning lol)...but that time is my time! It keeps me balanced...and unless I'm out of town! I'm there with bells on:)...cuz its my time!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was driving in my car last week when I heard this song by Katy Perry...the lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks... the lyrics went like :

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go, oh
As you shoot across the sky

Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colors burst
Make 'em go, oh
You're gonna leave 'em falling down

When I heard this, I said to myself this will be my theme song for my life. I am a fire work. We are good at so many different things and we exhibit so many different colors.We are  all fire works.

That song made me reflect on the years and the times that I did not realize that I was a fire work and literally and figuratively, a spectacular sight to see.  As I have gotten older, and all through this transition to be healthy both mentally and physically, I have realized that sometimes life has so many things going on that our fires are put out or we are either doing so many other things that we suffocate our own fires.  So when we try to exhibit our fire works...they end up as duds. I'm sure you remember as a child having a great fire work only for it to fizz for 2 seconds and then its done. What is left after the fizz?  Smoke or a cloud of sadness...for some us it is depression (I hate depression!! it sucks!!) That depression sucks up our fire works, our energy, our glory, and also our motivation.

So what does this have to do with transitioning to healthy living? We have to push pass the smoke...depressive thoughts, lack of motivation, to get moving.  I know, I know...but i don't feel like it!  Let me say won't feel like it sometimes...but guess what, your body has a natural anti-depressant built in it(my little friends called happy endorphins) just takes you to get moving to activate it. Thats right !! FREE LEGAL DRUGS!! already in your body to combat against the depressive smoke that tries to choke your life....they are waiting for your to activate them:) My question is have you took your happpy drugs today?!! If not, its  not too late...I guarantee that you will notice a difference!! *singin....cuz baby your a fire work....:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Greatest Lie Ever Told Is a Lie You Tell .......

I was sitting in one of my meetings last week, when a lady said a statement so profound that it jarred my thinking. She stated that one of the biggest lies that we could ever tell, is the one that we tell ourselves.  I swallowed hard on that one...a hard pill to swallow but the absolute truth.  I even took  it a step further and added this piece to what she said.....the biggest lie that we can tell is the lie we tell ourselves that we CAN'T DO IT.

WE CAN'T DO IT! huh! do we actually say that to oursleves...ummm yuppers!! I know, I've been there. This week I was reminded though of what it was like when I first started going to the gym and participating in the group  strength training classes. I swear I felt like everyone was fit and I was a slug (ha ha cuz I was lol). There were certain exercises that I couldn't do at all. There was this thing with the ball where you are laying on your back, bottom ups, heels on the ball, and you are rolling the ball in and out. I could not get that and actually I thought the teacher was crazy. 51- year old teacher looking like she 30 torturing me with something I couldn't do.  I felt like I couldn't do it and physically I really could only do one before tiring out. But you know what, I kept trying.  Did I get frustrated yes!! Super frustrated!  But, I did what I could. I worked that little 1 roll out I could do lol until the 1 became 2 and the 2 became a full  set of 10:)...and now I can do them.

Saying you can't is a lie, because you can.... our body is so wonderfully made its is its own little machine..and if we keep at something long enough our body gives way and gets used to it and expects us to switch it up or increase the difficulty so it can adjust to that....ooooo what a body lol!

So, no more lying to yourself, telling yourself you can't, unless you are saying to yourself that you can't give can't stop just can't.....


Thursday, February 3, 2011

HOw Bad Do You Really Want It!-Losing Weight Ain't for the Faint of Heart!

Just this week I was talking with some of my friends over tea and desserts (shout out to Kenny Wesley for an awesome experience at the O street Mansion) about how today's society with the help of technology robs us of problem solving, patience, and hard work.

What do I mean? Think about this...remember when you were in school and we actually had to physically go to the library to gather information for your research projects and piece the project together. Ahh...the good old times lol.  Now, at the click on an internet button you can get full reports and it takes the hard work, patience, and problem solving, out of research papers.

How about when you would go to K-mart or Walmart and pick out a bike from amongst the models. Then when you rung it up, it came in a box with parts. LOL!  We don't want the parts, we just want the bike. In essence, we don't want to work to put it together, we just want the instant gratification of riding the bike.

In this day in time,  with the advances in technology, I feel like we are unsconciously wired up for the click of the button, instant gratification process and we don't even realize it. Even in transitioning to healthy living and achieving weight loss, a lot of us give up quickly because the process takes tooooo long. We want the weight off now!! Hence, the familiar, I want to lose 20lbs by this month! We don't want to do the work but want the results quickly.  I've definitely been there.  I tried weight pills, the shot (I got sick as a dog), no carb diets, etc.  I wanted it the quick way....and it never worked.  I liken skipping instructions and the process as a person putting together that model bike (looks like the bike), but you realized you have an entire bag of screws left.  The bike is good for a while, but it eventually goes to pieces. LOL!

This tid bit here, healthy weight loss is better  when it comes off slowly  because its more likely to stay off. So lets not skip the process, but rather enjoy it and learn about ourselves. I want to be a model bike with no screws loose so I can endure this ride:)

Don't Quit....:)
Remember, the transition may be slow, the weight loss may be slow, but in the end, it all adds up:)

Post your comments:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Gym or not To Gym that is the question!

Well it's that time of year again! The time where the gyms are overly crowded because of everyone's new year resolution to lose weight. So right now, everyone is obsessed with the gym...the gym ...the gym. They must make it to the gym. The gym is cool...I can't knock it because I love going to the gym, not so much for the machines, but for the group classes.  So I can't say that the gym is bad.  What I will say is that I believe that sometimes the dependence on a particular gym keeps us in a box of confinement.  Like, what happens if you can't make it to the gym, or its not in the budget to actually join a gym?  What do you do then? Do you just not exercise? Does the transition to healthy living cease? What do you do?

Can you fathom a time when there were no gyms? Well, there were times.  Remember the good old fashioned gym routines ( jumping jacks)  in school or just running around playing kickball, lol.  All I'm saying is that there are other ways to burn some energy then being at the gym....yet our minds are stuck on using machines. 

Since transitioning over, I realize that although machines are good to use...I get tired of doing the same stuff some times. I also realize that I enjoy switching things up and just having a fun ole time. I remember one time during this past holiday, I was shopping for grocery items, using a can of food as a weight ...lifting it up and boyfriend was like, only you would make this into a work out lol.  I just like having fun and using my body and my own weight. I even run from putting money to the meter to a building to escape the cold and also get a quickie in:) (workout that is). Also, when I do praise and worship at church (you'll see me doing a light jog back and forth)...I'm excited to praise God...but I also make it a workout (singing and a light jog). Then one time I used a small child to use bicep reps (the kids love it).  Lol, I use anything I can just to burn some calories....and it doesn't take much. So I challenge and encourage you to think outside of the box. What is something that you do that you can turn to a mini work-out...and it doesn't take much:) It all adds up!! Post what you've done or even some ideas...I'm always looking to add to my catalog lol!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inspirations!! ---Finding your Inspiration!

What do you see when you see this woman?
How old would you say that she is?

This picture communicates so much for me. I remember hearing about this woman some time ago....I think when I read about her,she was featured in a Jet magazine. Her name is Ernestine Shepherd and the last time I checked, she is 74 years old. That's right I said it!! 74 years old! She is soooo fly and she inspires me so much!! She speaks to my dreams and lets me now anything is possible in spite of age, gender, time, whatever!!

You see this month, I have have been studying in preparation for taking my upcoming test to be a certified group exercise instructor. In my preparation, I ran across information that is pretty common, the benefits of exercise and aerobic exercise.  Some of the benefits: longer life expectancy, better psychological functioning (did you know that working out can help you with PMS and moodiness...I should know lol), lower blood pressure, flexibility, less risk of disease, lean muscle, loss of weight, loss of fat, better bones (geez I forgot the term for that lol), etc.  Needless to say, exercise has a lot of benefits. So okay I got  that...but I thought how can I make the picture of the benefits of healthy living more vivid. You see, when I process information, I like to associate the context with things to help me recall the information. So my association with the benefits of healthy living is a 74 year old fly woman named Ernestine Shepherd.

She makes the information so real and attainable for me. Her motto is determined, dedicated, disciplined, to be fit. Wow!!

She lets me know that anything is possible, but it goes back to our decisions and the actions that accompany them.
I have a little picture of  Ms. Ernestine Shepherd, printed to keep me on task to let me know that this is what I am working towards. My decision is not temporary but a commitment to living a fulfilling a rewarding life. I encourage you to identify something to inspire you to stay on track as there will come days when our feelings will try to lead us astray. Lets face it, woman can be a bit more emotional then men. So what will you do! Get you a picture, a sticker, something, to encourage you, to motivate you.....remember those days will come. So find your inspiration:) And the funny thing is, that as you find yours, you will also become someone else's inspiration:)  Just think, someone just might have a picture of you:) tee hee!! Lets get it! Post your comments:)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy NEW Year---ThiS Year is gonna be different!

-Its a new year and a new least that is the mantra and motto I've been hearing over and over gain since the beginning of 2011. This year,  I'mma lose weight, this year I'mma stay focused...etc. etc. ...then by the end of January beginning of February the newness of the year has worn off and we're back to doing the same ole same ole. Been there, done that. After years of repeating the same pattern, I finally learned something about myself. I can get easily overwhelmed with long term goals. Not only did I realize that about myself, but I also realized from working with  so many different people (I am a mental health therapist), that they do the same.

You see sometimes when the goal is for the year, when you get off track, some people just throw in the towel. They think, I did not keep my word for this year already, so its over, and they quit. I call it the all or nothing syndrome lol.  When I transitioned to healthy living, I started to set goals for the week and I found that worked better to break the goal down. As you accomplish that goal day to day, even week to week, in the process you are building your self-esteem (as you successfully complete tasks, your confidence builds). Also, breaking the goals into little pieces is a bit easier to obtain and easier to see the things that worked for you and the things that did not work (then you can modify for the next week).  You should try it:)

So that's one of the things that I learned about myself through my journey to healthy living. Now, that I've learned that, I'm actually applying the principle to my goal for this week, read the bible every far so good. I successfully completed last week:) and now I'm on for this week. let me do a brief break down of how I got there and then maybe you can take a goal break it down, re-evaluate, and then apply again until you get the proper fit that works for your life.

1st week of Jan
-1st couple of days, I found that reading when I get home doesn't work for me. I'm tired and I don't want too lol.
-3rd or 4th day of the week. I thought about reading in the morning before I leave the house. Good idea but doesn't work out when I'm rushing.....leads me right back to evening time reading the bible which I don't really like.
-5th or 6th day of week. Aha moment! Don't get out of the bed until I read the word and then go and do my workout. Working well thus far!

So what little goal will you set this week-remember consistently meeting your goal can create a habit:):
Here's a couple of simple ones to get the ball rolling...
Only Choose 1 for this week and let me know how it goes
This week
---I will take the stairs instead of the elevator
---I will eat 1 piece of fruit everyday
---I will walk for 30 mins 3x a week
---I will drink a bottle of water every day

you can add some suggestions too:)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Last year in 2010, I made a decision. I made a decision that I wanted to be consistent. I wanted to somehow build my character trait of being consistent.  So I decided to use exercise as a way to form that area.  I decided that no matter how I was feeling up or down that I was going to workout at least 3 times a week. I wanted to have rule over my emotions and that despite how I felt (positive/or negative) I would work out because I committed to being CONSISTENT.  I figured that if I could master this...then I could apply some of the same principles  and be consistent in other areas of my life.

I started with just a decision to be consistent, but I found that in order to be consistent that I also developed some other areas as well: committment, determination, flexibility, discipline, endurance, etc. All that from deciding one thing. So with one decision, I developed other areas and gained insight into things that I never would have even guessed about myself. I would have never imagined that my decision to be consistent would result in the before and after picture that you see now....but it did.

I feel that I have put in work to accomplish last years goal and now its time to apply pressure in other areas. I know now that after having accomplishing this that I have the ability to be consistent in every area of my life that I choose.

How about you for this new year?!! What decision will you stick to or commit to this year?!! Post your comments!