Sunday, February 27, 2011

I need some me time---

 Let me tell you about a fantabulous woman:) My grandmother, the world's biggest most caring person is known for taking care of everybody and even their grandmother, lol. In fact, the running joke is that when you came home,  you didn't know who was going to be in the house taking residence on the my grandmother would often take in family members, people off the street, etc.

Growing up, I saw my grandmother take care of countless people and even heard of her caretaking days pre-Tekeah (you know, before i was born). So keeping that same line of caretaking, my first job out of grad school was a social worker with therapeutic foster care kids...needless to say, I was taking care of other people's childen, and everything in between. I knew their date of births, their last dental, physical, vision, etc. ..all that and then some. I learned as a social worker that when working with people and their lives, something is always going on as people's lives never stop. I mean they never stop!! I also learned during my almost 6 year tenure as a social worker that I created a dangerous pattern of putting others before me.

This pattern left me, sadly overweight, depressed, and unhappy. I can't eat lunch because I "had to do" others people's stuff.  I seemed to always say yes when I should have said no.  As I've transitioned to healthy living, I've realized my worth, my value, and how important it is for me to make time for me and also for me to say no when it is at the expense of my happiness or my mental health wellfare.   Think about this...out of 24 hours in the day, what time have you made for yourself? I know for some you have kids, you have work , you have this....but let me tell you this...because you have all these things YOU MUST plan your ME TIME. You are that important to plan time for you....even if its reading 5 pages of a must read book while using the bathroom (away from the kids, lol,etc). Create that me-time happiness for you---you are that important--and its essential to healthy living:)

Share how you created your "ME" Time space:

I'll start, there is a certain meeting I go to on Saturday mornings, when I could work those days (make some extra money for some future planning lol)...but that time is my time! It keeps me balanced...and unless I'm out of town! I'm there with bells on:)...cuz its my time!


  1. my time is every other weekend when my son is with his father...I do me all weekend the summer I take short weekend trips once a month as well!

  2. woo hoo for short weekend trips:) i need a trip myself lol

  3. Since my commute to Philly is about 1.5hours one way, Driving in the car by myself catching up to good music is my me time. It's actually in the act of another activity, but I enjoy looking at the landscape and sunsets, no two scenes are the same, no matter how many times I drive.

    I also love being in the gym, no ipod or mp3, just me zoning out, escaping the worries of the world. M-Th at 6am I'm in the gym. And lastly and lunch break at work, I walk through the mall, to people watch, try on Express for Men and H&M clothes, tracking my weight loss, it's motivating for me.

  4. wee hee you people watch too...and i thought i was the only one:) wee hee Papa Sha!! me time rocks


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