Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Greatest Lie Ever Told Is a Lie You Tell .......

I was sitting in one of my meetings last week, when a lady said a statement so profound that it jarred my thinking. She stated that one of the biggest lies that we could ever tell, is the one that we tell ourselves.  I swallowed hard on that one...a hard pill to swallow but the absolute truth.  I even took  it a step further and added this piece to what she said.....the biggest lie that we can tell is the lie we tell ourselves that we CAN'T DO IT.

WE CAN'T DO IT! huh! do we actually say that to oursleves...ummm yuppers!! I know, I've been there. This week I was reminded though of what it was like when I first started going to the gym and participating in the group  strength training classes. I swear I felt like everyone was fit and I was a slug (ha ha cuz I was lol). There were certain exercises that I couldn't do at all. There was this thing with the ball where you are laying on your back, bottom ups, heels on the ball, and you are rolling the ball in and out. I could not get that and actually I thought the teacher was crazy. 51- year old teacher looking like she 30 torturing me with something I couldn't do.  I felt like I couldn't do it and physically I really could only do one before tiring out. But you know what, I kept trying.  Did I get frustrated yes!! Super frustrated!  But, I did what I could. I worked that little 1 roll out I could do lol until the 1 became 2 and the 2 became a full  set of 10:)...and now I can do them.

Saying you can't is a lie, because you can.... our body is so wonderfully made its is its own little machine..and if we keep at something long enough our body gives way and gets used to it and expects us to switch it up or increase the difficulty so it can adjust to that....ooooo what a body lol!

So, no more lying to yourself, telling yourself you can't, unless you are saying to yourself that you can't give can't stop just can't.....



  1. We absolutely... positively... give way too much power to the phrase, "I can't". I'm so guilty of it, and it needs to stop NOW.