Thursday, February 3, 2011

HOw Bad Do You Really Want It!-Losing Weight Ain't for the Faint of Heart!

Just this week I was talking with some of my friends over tea and desserts (shout out to Kenny Wesley for an awesome experience at the O street Mansion) about how today's society with the help of technology robs us of problem solving, patience, and hard work.

What do I mean? Think about this...remember when you were in school and we actually had to physically go to the library to gather information for your research projects and piece the project together. Ahh...the good old times lol.  Now, at the click on an internet button you can get full reports and it takes the hard work, patience, and problem solving, out of research papers.

How about when you would go to K-mart or Walmart and pick out a bike from amongst the models. Then when you rung it up, it came in a box with parts. LOL!  We don't want the parts, we just want the bike. In essence, we don't want to work to put it together, we just want the instant gratification of riding the bike.

In this day in time,  with the advances in technology, I feel like we are unsconciously wired up for the click of the button, instant gratification process and we don't even realize it. Even in transitioning to healthy living and achieving weight loss, a lot of us give up quickly because the process takes tooooo long. We want the weight off now!! Hence, the familiar, I want to lose 20lbs by this month! We don't want to do the work but want the results quickly.  I've definitely been there.  I tried weight pills, the shot (I got sick as a dog), no carb diets, etc.  I wanted it the quick way....and it never worked.  I liken skipping instructions and the process as a person putting together that model bike (looks like the bike), but you realized you have an entire bag of screws left.  The bike is good for a while, but it eventually goes to pieces. LOL!

This tid bit here, healthy weight loss is better  when it comes off slowly  because its more likely to stay off. So lets not skip the process, but rather enjoy it and learn about ourselves. I want to be a model bike with no screws loose so I can endure this ride:)

Don't Quit....:)
Remember, the transition may be slow, the weight loss may be slow, but in the end, it all adds up:)

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  1. wonderfully written and well said!!

  2. Looove this T! Also just had a conversation with some friends about instant gratification. I'm guilty of it too. But I'm learning everyday and as time goes by that what I want isn't happening without the work. Thanks for the words of confirmation!