Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Gym or not To Gym that is the question!

Well it's that time of year again! The time where the gyms are overly crowded because of everyone's new year resolution to lose weight. So right now, everyone is obsessed with the gym...the gym ...the gym. They must make it to the gym. The gym is cool...I can't knock it because I love going to the gym, not so much for the machines, but for the group classes.  So I can't say that the gym is bad.  What I will say is that I believe that sometimes the dependence on a particular gym keeps us in a box of confinement.  Like, what happens if you can't make it to the gym, or its not in the budget to actually join a gym?  What do you do then? Do you just not exercise? Does the transition to healthy living cease? What do you do?

Can you fathom a time when there were no gyms? Well, there were times.  Remember the good old fashioned gym routines ( jumping jacks)  in school or just running around playing kickball, lol.  All I'm saying is that there are other ways to burn some energy then being at the gym....yet our minds are stuck on using machines. 

Since transitioning over, I realize that although machines are good to use...I get tired of doing the same stuff some times. I also realize that I enjoy switching things up and just having a fun ole time. I remember one time during this past holiday, I was shopping for grocery items, using a can of food as a weight ...lifting it up and down....lol..my boyfriend was like, only you would make this into a work out lol.  I just like having fun and using my body and my own weight. I even run from putting money to the meter to a building to escape the cold and also get a quickie in:) (workout that is). Also, when I do praise and worship at church (you'll see me doing a light jog back and forth)...I'm excited to praise God...but I also make it a workout (singing and a light jog). Then one time I used a small child to use bicep reps (the kids love it).  Lol, I use anything I can just to burn some calories....and it doesn't take much. So I challenge and encourage you to think outside of the box. What is something that you do that you can turn to a mini work-out...and it doesn't take much:) It all adds up!! Post what you've done or even some ideas...I'm always looking to add to my catalog lol!


  1. I feel you on the "make a workout out of whatever's handy" tip. LOL! Sometimes, when the motivation is up, while watching TV, instead of flipping channels during commercials, I'll do pushups or crunches or something. It's not a full-blown workout, but it keeps the blood flowing. Otherwise, I'm all about the body weight exercises. Now, if I could only get motivated to do pull-ups...;)

  2. wee hee...thats a good suggestion...push-ups in between commercial breaks...i love it