Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miles and Miles for fresh food?!! Are you crazy!!

So it was two weeks a ago, a  dreary  Thurday  evening in DC, and I was on my way to meet up with the girls to attend my first Mystics b ball game (shouts out to Jeree). While I was walking thru 8th street NW to get to my destination,  I noticed that there was a crowd of people with stands and food. Did someone say food?!! Lol..of course I had to do a quick check of the viddle situations before going to the Verizon center...and what did I find?!! Fresh fruit and vegetables, and cheese, and meat...and a whole bunch of other home grown things.  I was like a kid in a candy shop as I 'm always willing to try different things. So I went to my go to foods (the fruits)...I knew there were going to be chips and other tempations at the basketball game...and I had already set in my mind to not get involved in those fiascos I got some fruit. I brought some peaches from a farm and some asian pears (which I Love asian pears lol)....and let me tell you...this was the best fruit I've even had in my life. Grant it, I've only be alive for 30 years (31 years tomorrow) lol...but still. My tastebuds were doing a little jig after having a peach.  Then, I made the mistake of sharing my fruit fortune with the kiddies...who took the fruit down without any second guess its best that they love fruit rather than candy lol. Not only did the kiddies take the remaining fruit down...they pressed me almost everyday..where are the asian pears?..did you get anymore?...when you going back?...where is the farmer's market? Can you go there today?...and so on and so on. Needless to say, that next week, I was back at the farmer's market coming home with more fruit lol ( I found out that they are there every thursday).  I traveled from White Plains, Md to NW DC, just to experience that sensation awaken my tastebuds so they could do that jig again...and also to shut the kiddies mouths up for a little while lol. 

Now this farmer's market is a bit far from me...but there are homegrown products and farmer's markets within the vincity of our homes.  I encourage you to test them out:) some are less expensive then the produce at the actual grocery stores. Have you ever tried a farmer's market and their produce before...let me know your thoughts!!

Afterall, The FOOD thats ALIVE (literally causing your taste buds to do a jig) is worth the DRIVE:)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bored with food?!! Challenge!!

So this past Monday, I was able to catch up on  some of the show Criminal minds ( i really like that show)....and the episode I was watching was about this serial killer who started a routine of toruturing one female to death...but then became bored with killing one female a he doubled up and killed two a day. I was like wow...he became that bored and challenged himself to see if he could get away with 2 a day...and he got away with it (until he wanted to give himself away). So I started thinking ...hmmm i should do that too!! Not kill people of course lol...but when things get boring..challenge myself and try something different to keep me interested.

So I thought...hey I often get bored with foods let me try something different. For some reason challenges keep me engaged and keep me striving towards something.  So for the next couple of days...i'mma challenge myself to do the simply filling technique (a technique from Weight Watchers) where you eat mainly power foods. (fruits, veggies, low-fat milk/ cheese, beans, etc). I'mma try it for the next couple of days and see how it works out. I have realized thru this process that I am goal oriented....and that it helps me to set weekly goals so I can strive towards them. When I write down a goal and set my aim towards I find that I am most successful.  I'll let you know how it goes...or you can join with me:)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Experiment with different foods:)

So I regretfully say this (as I know this increases my geek status)...but I read cookbooks for fun lol. I'll read anything...even when I was younger i'd sit on the toilet and read all the ingredients to every bottle under the sink lol... I know I know TMI (too much info)... but you get my drift, LOL.  Anyways, becaues I read cook books for fun, I don't remember half the time if  I came up with recipes myself or if its a combo of something I read....nonetheless here it goes.

So last week...I decided I was going to try to do something different with food. I mean last week I was in a slump and was just finding food to be boring. So I decided that I'd create something to stimulate my tastes buds:0) and it worked. Okay, so I made a pizza using a portabella mushroom (no bread) :) wee hee. So this is what I can try it too or dock it up for your liking:).

I got a Portabella mushroom from Sam's (its huge) and it served as my pizza circle (ha ha the foundation of my pizza) and then I sauteed some spinach, mini sweet peppers, and onions. I cut off the stem of the portabella, added the topping, and then added some low-fat mixed cheese and put in the broiler for a few and voila:) home-made goodness:)

Oh and I liked it so much that I made it again a second time (in fact the next day lol)..adding a little bit of prego spaghetti sauce before I added the toppings:) Delicious!! So I encourage you to switch it up!! Ooh you could prob add some baccon bits, or chicken lol!Try this or try something new to keep it fun and interesting:) Experiment and or get some cook books!! wee hee!!