Thursday, September 1, 2011

Experiment with different foods:)

So I regretfully say this (as I know this increases my geek status)...but I read cookbooks for fun lol. I'll read anything...even when I was younger i'd sit on the toilet and read all the ingredients to every bottle under the sink lol... I know I know TMI (too much info)... but you get my drift, LOL.  Anyways, becaues I read cook books for fun, I don't remember half the time if  I came up with recipes myself or if its a combo of something I read....nonetheless here it goes.

So last week...I decided I was going to try to do something different with food. I mean last week I was in a slump and was just finding food to be boring. So I decided that I'd create something to stimulate my tastes buds:0) and it worked. Okay, so I made a pizza using a portabella mushroom (no bread) :) wee hee. So this is what I can try it too or dock it up for your liking:).

I got a Portabella mushroom from Sam's (its huge) and it served as my pizza circle (ha ha the foundation of my pizza) and then I sauteed some spinach, mini sweet peppers, and onions. I cut off the stem of the portabella, added the topping, and then added some low-fat mixed cheese and put in the broiler for a few and voila:) home-made goodness:)

Oh and I liked it so much that I made it again a second time (in fact the next day lol)..adding a little bit of prego spaghetti sauce before I added the toppings:) Delicious!! So I encourage you to switch it up!! Ooh you could prob add some baccon bits, or chicken lol!Try this or try something new to keep it fun and interesting:) Experiment and or get some cook books!! wee hee!!

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