Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inspirations!! ---Finding your Inspiration!

What do you see when you see this woman?
How old would you say that she is?

This picture communicates so much for me. I remember hearing about this woman some time ago....I think when I read about her,she was featured in a Jet magazine. Her name is Ernestine Shepherd and the last time I checked, she is 74 years old. That's right I said it!! 74 years old! She is soooo fly and she inspires me so much!! She speaks to my dreams and lets me now anything is possible in spite of age, gender, time, whatever!!

You see this month, I have have been studying in preparation for taking my upcoming test to be a certified group exercise instructor. In my preparation, I ran across information that is pretty common, the benefits of exercise and aerobic exercise.  Some of the benefits: longer life expectancy, better psychological functioning (did you know that working out can help you with PMS and moodiness...I should know lol), lower blood pressure, flexibility, less risk of disease, lean muscle, loss of weight, loss of fat, better bones (geez I forgot the term for that lol), etc.  Needless to say, exercise has a lot of benefits. So okay I got  that...but I thought how can I make the picture of the benefits of healthy living more vivid. You see, when I process information, I like to associate the context with things to help me recall the information. So my association with the benefits of healthy living is a 74 year old fly woman named Ernestine Shepherd.

She makes the information so real and attainable for me. Her motto is determined, dedicated, disciplined, to be fit. Wow!!

She lets me know that anything is possible, but it goes back to our decisions and the actions that accompany them.
I have a little picture of  Ms. Ernestine Shepherd, printed to keep me on task to let me know that this is what I am working towards. My decision is not temporary but a commitment to living a fulfilling a rewarding life. I encourage you to identify something to inspire you to stay on track as there will come days when our feelings will try to lead us astray. Lets face it, woman can be a bit more emotional then men. So what will you do! Get you a picture, a sticker, something, to encourage you, to motivate you.....remember those days will come. So find your inspiration:) And the funny thing is, that as you find yours, you will also become someone else's inspiration:)  Just think, someone just might have a picture of you:) tee hee!! Lets get it! Post your comments:)



  1. WoW! This itself is inspiring. At any age you can aspire greatness. Five years ago, I lost 50lbs. I felt good and looked good, unfortunately, I wasn't doing it for me.

    This time around...I want alla of my stuff!

    Thank you for sharing your blog at the meeting on Saturday. You have truly inspired me.

  2. Thank Janetha or taking the time out to read:)

    Janetha u got a stepping stone victory in your past of 50 lbs...so u know its possible so lets get it:)