Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Last year in 2010, I made a decision. I made a decision that I wanted to be consistent. I wanted to somehow build my character trait of being consistent.  So I decided to use exercise as a way to form that area.  I decided that no matter how I was feeling up or down that I was going to workout at least 3 times a week. I wanted to have rule over my emotions and that despite how I felt (positive/or negative) I would work out because I committed to being CONSISTENT.  I figured that if I could master this...then I could apply some of the same principles  and be consistent in other areas of my life.

I started with just a decision to be consistent, but I found that in order to be consistent that I also developed some other areas as well: committment, determination, flexibility, discipline, endurance, etc. All that from deciding one thing. So with one decision, I developed other areas and gained insight into things that I never would have even guessed about myself. I would have never imagined that my decision to be consistent would result in the before and after picture that you see now....but it did.

I feel that I have put in work to accomplish last years goal and now its time to apply pressure in other areas. I know now that after having accomplishing this that I have the ability to be consistent in every area of my life that I choose.

How about you for this new year?!! What decision will you stick to or commit to this year?!! Post your comments!

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