Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Confessions of a Cake Lover ...

I confess, I confess, I confess!! Christmas got me! I fell off the wagon!! LOL!
You see  on Christmas morning I have this ritual with one of my moms (yes I have several)... that the morning of Christmas, we normally have dessert for breakfast and tea. During that time we sit and talk for hours and catch up on life. I enjoyed it immensely....the convo and the desserts. I was like I'mma do good. I got one slither of home-made carrot cake, and a banana, with my tea. Great! that was good until mom offered a lil slither of sweet potato pie (home made again). Hours later I had another little slither of carrot cake, a slither of home made lemon pound cake topped with a lil bit of home made vanilla ice-cream. DELICIOUS! By that time it was like 2 pm.  Unlike before, where after doing so bad i would normally binge...I decided that I would do better the next meal and eat lighter....and I did.  I had alot of veggies and seafood for  dinner:) to even it out:) The seafood was awesome too:) (My boyfriend's grandmother makes these shrimp stuffed with crab...OMG!!) So I will confess that I did have alot of desserts...but I still won the fight...cuz i didn't stay down:)..finished strong lol!!

I think next year..I'mma sugguest we get a slice of cake for breakfast but have our talks in another room. Its when the desserts are just sitting directly in front of you, that I got was calling me just be calling me lol (New Jack City ).

Post some of your holiday stories)

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