Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ROund 2!! 1-2-3...R U OUT FOR THE COUNT!!

I just finished searching the internet  (google can find almost anything:) for an excerpt from one of my fellow artsy colleagues, Olu Butterfly. I remember doing a show with her and she performed this piece called, Can I Go Back to Your Place. The poem talks about returning to a past love that ended horribly....pretty much going against the grain of logic.  Check out these excerpts...

go back to your place
as if it would be provided
a restraining order
against my stalker: loneliness
back for a second helpin
of fatback soakin in lard
with a side order of bacon, egg&cheese
after i just had a heart attack
is you crazy?

 can i afford to incur more debt
to reenter rehab
to pick myself up
like a flat furry animal
by the side of a highway
& reinsert myself
into rush hour traffic
Her words really capture what is approaching us in the next couple of weeks, a decision as to whether we are going to let  unhealthy living return and have a seat at our tables (ha ha food can also be our lovers too).  So many at this time think that since they went out of control for Thanksgiving that they might as well continue on the downward spiral..which I like to think is synonymous with Olu's line "pick myself up like a flat furry animal by the side of a highway a reinsert myself into rush hour traffic."  Just last year, and the year before that, and then some, was how I did things. I ain't lyin! I felt so bad after Turkey day that I was like I might as well continue and I appeased my sadness and guilt for more cake (my love lol).  But that was the old me:) Now I find that at any time, we can stop, make a decision, and do differently. You'd be amazed as to how much a little change will change the outcome of a situation. So I just wanted to encourage you that its not over. At any time, you  can stop, decide to do something different, and get different results. So what say you..?

Are you out for the count? ..or are u getting back in the swing of things:) tee hee!! Lets gooooo!!! Post your comments:)


  1. I'm in it to win it! I am down 50 pounds as of today & have 12 to go to reach my goal weight. Yay! I am going to have a great holiday season & eat some good food, but I no longer associate good food with all the rich, sugary foods that pushed me over 200 pounds! Yikes! I am so proud to say I now weigh 156 & hope to be at my goal of 144 early next year.

  2. Go Erica gooo...ha ha...those smaller sizes taste better than that food:) ha ha:) and the healthy improvments its awesome! work it

  3. Great post! For me it's been a struggle for all of my adult life...I think it's hard to imagine NOT having a "weight issue" so i go up and down never able to stay at the healthy weight... oh well. once again, i'm back on the goal of trying to get healhty

  4. Big sis I can def relate:) I've felt the same way since high school...but lets team up to conquer this thing:)

  5. I'm down 50+ since Arpil. I was 308 now 250's (I dont have accurate weight today, maybe around 254). I stay focused, I think about how sad, depressed, insecure I was being over weight, and I don't want to go back. I still splurge on some stuff, but my work ethic is too strong now! Plus I can buy EXPRESS for MEN jeans now! (size 42" wasit to 36ish now)

  6. wow work it Papa Sha:) yess....we taking back our joy and everything else:)!! game time!!