Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm in love....

I haven't always been this size or this weight....but I tell you this, no matter what size or weight I've been, I always "worked" what I had.  In fact, I  had "worked" it so much, that I forgot I was even overweight until I actually saw pictures lol.   What I'm saying is this...transitioning to a healthy lifestyle is more than just losing weight and eating healthy, its a frame of mind! Its an attitude.  Before I shed the pounds, I made a conscious effort to 1. Be happy and 2. love all of me (even the love handles). In my size 10 I trained myself to love me...in my size 4 I'm still training myself to love me....every bit of me.  I have found that happiness and my attitude were just as important as working out and or making healthier food choices. My happiness and attitude of commitment were like the glue to keep things together and the fuel that kept my engine going.

I remember hearing this little quote in junior high school, " Your attitude determines your altitude." I don't know about you...but I'm soaring:0) ha ha ha I'm my own jet!! and the banner reads in big letters: I'M IN LOVE WITH ME!! how about you!

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