Friday, August 19, 2011

Forget ME Not!

Family and friends, the thought just occurred to me (well its been recoccuring actually).....that I 've been neglecting my blogging about the journey  and transiton to healthy living....Please forgive has defintiely gotten in the way....with planning a wedding (oh yeah....I'm getting married  November 19, 2011),
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recording a new album (Dosage III: The Time to B.E), and working for weight watchers amongst other things...some pieces of me that I love, got lost in the sauce. So I'm here to revive my simple joys and take those moments out for me.

I found that even on this journey to healthy living how important it is to remember the simple things that you love. I find that as a woman its easy to go into neglect mode and forget the things that sparked your light...made you that fire work....afterall, most of us are natural nurturers (always doing stuff for others).

So I ask you, what is your simple  joy thats getting overcrowded by other stuff... that deserves you shaking the dust off it, so you can experience that beauty it you writing a book, dancing, reading, etc. What is it?!! Healthy living isn't just about physcial health, but its also about your mental healthy too:)

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