Monday, May 9, 2011

Committment Issues...

So I confess, I may have some committment issues. I just may have some. Idk. This epiphany came to me a couple of weeks ago while I was attending a training for people who are enthusiastic about helping others lose weight.  We were like a cult--lol--all lovers of helping others maximize their potential. It was really funny to see so many other people who had  hearts like you to see others grow, develop, and most of all, be happy with their bodies and themselves as a whole. It was during a discussion amongst this group about maintaining goal weights that jarred my thinking.

You see, my initial goal was 130 (October of 2010) and since then I've lost an additional 13 or so pounds.  Yet, I have kept my goal weight as 130. Normally, you readjust your goals as you begin to feel more comfortable with where you are. But me, I knew I was not returning to 130lbs but  yet I feared adjusting my goal to 120 or something else.  I noticed that when I thought about changing it...the what ifs creeped in or the thought that I would be unable to stick with one thing for a lifetime.    I feared failure and so I did nothing. I didn't commit...because of fear.

It's amazing how fear can just creep in when you aren't even paying attention. I realize during this transition to healthy living that its important to nip things in the bud before they take root and lead to other issues. So here is my uprooting of this fear plant that is trying subtly choke my beautiful flowers. I have decided that I will readjust my goal and stick with it. I know you may be thinking whats the big deal. The big deal is that decisions you make in one area of life often mirror other areas in your life.

Like many, I have been in the situation as it relates to transitioning to healthy living, that I would not commit to anything because of fear. I would let things just happen with no focus because of the fear of committment leading to a failure that I could not handle emotionally. So I did nothing.  Thinking that at least if I did  nothing, I'd really couldn't pin point the blame on me, right?! Well no more!The time is now to uproot those fears and go for the gusto!! Who's with me!! What is keeping you from committing to certain things in your life? Lets get it ! The time is now!:)

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