Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm so Angry right now---I wanna eat!!

You ever hear something said about you or have an incident happen where it just burns you up?!! The best way I can describe this feeling is the picture of  the cartoon where the character literally has steam and fire coming from its ears...yes, I had one of those moments today. I was uber angry and frustrated.  Nothing like trying to do your best and instead of it going noticed, it is ignored and or criticized. Well anyways that moment happened to me today and on the ride home....wanna know what I thought about?!!

I thought about how to make myself feel better. I know just the thing!...I'll make myself  a peppermint ice-cream cone (i love peppermint ice-cream)....maybe 2...that sweet sensation will make me feel better and melt away this anger. I know your thinking, you thought that? ...not you...yes me!! I thought that and was even planning to do it too. Then I stopped and really thought about what i was thinking about doing lol.. funny....sometimes i actually do mental talk and play out the situation in my mind before doing it...i said sometimes lol

Could I have the ice-cream cone yes.  Could I have 2 ice-cream cones yes. But really was I eating because I wanted to treat myself, was hungry, or angry? I wanted the ice cream cones because I was emotionally triggered. I was upset. I wasn't hungry I was upset. I decided then that even though I love that ice-cream,   I did not want to start a pattern of eating to satisfy my emotions. I didn't want to start eating to satisfy being angry and so I didn't. I thought of another alternative I had in the watermelon...that I could eat it if I truly wanted to eat something. The end result was I didn't eat the ice-cream or the watermelon at all. I ended up venting my feelings, taking a hot shower, and journaling my feelings  instead of eating my problems away. I realized that even after I would've eaten the ice-cream that would have not have satisfied the problem.

I shared my experience to shed light that its important that we are cognizant of the reasons we are eating.....and that we aren't satifying our feelings with comfort food...because when we do, we end up with a much bigger problem both literally and figuratively.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to eat your anger, your sadness, happiness? How'd you handle it:) or in hindsight how would you handle it now:)

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