Friday, April 27, 2012

I forgot about me!

So much time has passed, since I last wrote here. Please forgive me! I've missed you all! So much has happened and has changed since last year....its amazing. I think whats most amazing tho is that as things have been changing and happening...I, somewhere along the way, forgot some of the most simplest things that bring me joy. 

I didn't realize it until I  was just going with the flow of things...becoming a robot. It wasn't until I had given out a homework assignment about taking a picture of your most colorful plate that I realized what I was missing.

I was missing savoring my most favorite meal of the day, breakfast.  When I sat down to take a picture of my breakfast, it triggered all the happy moments when I would sit down and eat breakfast. I know it may seem trivial to some, but I find pleasure in making breakfast for myself. It was my little me time where I said, Tekeah, I value you soooo much that  I am going to make you breakfast:) was my own personal date with myself....and yesterday showed me how much I had been neglecting my little date with myself.  So today, I say I'm recommitting myself to my morning breakfast and taking time out for me. I must remind myself to treat myself well and to be kind to myself.

Whats your favorite meal of the day and are you taking time out to pause and enjoy it?

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