Monday, August 23, 2010

On the road...

This past weekend, I attended the International Soul Music Summit in Atlanta and let me tell you, I was a little nervous about the trip.  I wasn't nervous because I was going to meet other indie artists and would have to be ready to promote my craft on the spot...nope that wasn't it. No, the first thing on my mind was how am I gonna stay on track healthwise?  I thought about that 11-12 hour car trip to the ATL. I thought...I'mma miss my group exercise classes (thurs & fri) and then there's the food piece. Trapped in a car for an 11-hour ride to and do I keep focused with all the twizzlers, chips, etc?

Before I let my anxiousness get me in a tizzy, I planned. I know that planning:) decreases anxiety:)

Since I've started this healthy living journey, I decided that when I go on trips and or on vacations, I take my workout clothes and my trusty sneaks with even if I just go walking its movement/some type of activity. This time, for my trip, I took my workout clothes, my sneaks, and a jump rope (i.e. the world's cheapest gym). The jump rope gets ur heart rate up and its easy! Before you know it, your heart rate is up and your sweating like a cow lol! You should try it! I plan to put some movement in throughout my day!

Now for the food. I packed alot of snacks:) fruit, carrots, lean meat, english muffins, drank a lot of water etc. I like crunchy foods:) so I kept health crunchy things on hand:) It worked. While others were snacking on twizzlers, salt and vinegar chips...I had blueberries and my lil weight watcher mint chocolate cookie crisp:), and fresh veggies and I was A okay:) The people I rode with were like dag you came prepared:) yup (not to mention I took up some space lol)!! I planned to not go off the wagon during the trip by being unprepared!

You know sometimes any change in our schedules can throw us off:) but learning to adjust and switch up here and there helps out; (be flexible).  And its easy to say we don't have time for a gym workout...but we can use simple things like a jump rope to get in some physical activity or the steps out front :).  Also, if you know whats coming, plan ahead! Keep a stash of a piece of fruit or a healthy snack in the car:)

Challenge of the week: choose 1 or the other:)
Get a jump rope and do 5 min in the morn and 5 min in the evening:) workout out.. the time adds up:)


Plan ur snacks for 2/3 days:)

Let's discuss (leave your comments)


  1. On the Sea for seven days what a vacation
    tired from my trip will tell you more more later

  2. I'm impressed. Keep it up. I'm inspired!