Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The world's Cheapest Gym: The Jump Rope

 I guess you guys thought I was playing when I talked about  using the jump rope for my dose of daily activity while I was in Atlanta attending the International Soul Music Summit. Fortunately, a fellow artist, Mr. Kenny Wesley, was there to record some of my morning regimen. Check it out!

Will you take the jump rope challenge for this week?
-5 min in the morning
-5 min in the evening

Just for 2/3 days...come on what say you?!!!

leave your comments and let me know your thoughts about the challenge etc:)


  1. Jump rope is not an easy task... I generally jump rope for cardio as well... I use a timer and normally jump for about 5 rounds... :D (1 min 15 sec rounds with 45 sec rest periods in between)

    Continue to say your progress with the world... and on that note... I'll go and get a quick jump rope work out in right quick.

  2. tee hee:) yeh...its not easy..but starting in small increments works...and adds what you can...and keep doing what you can until you master that length of time then increase it. Definitely don't go overboard the first time lol

  3. I love this!! I have a rope in my've inspired me to pull it out and get to jumping!! I think I'll jump to Rick Ross! HAHA