Monday, September 20, 2010

Changing the scale from enemy to friend

My relationship with the scale is an interesting one. We've had our ups and any other relationship. A lot of downs and a lot of avoiding. Lol! I liken it to that friend who will call you out when your in denial. Sometimes you don't even when to talk to them after they've called you out. I ain't lying! Lol! Those kind of friends get on your nerves, but you know you need them cause they want nothing but the best for you. Though you know they have your best interests at heart that still doesn't stop you from getting upset/hostile with them and or denying the obvious. The scale is the same way. The scale although we don't want to believe it wants the best for us! It wants us to be healthy...that's why it confronts us with the truth! Lol! And when it does we fight it! I did..I'd simply avoid that machine when I knew I was on a downward spiral lol! Yup, Mr. Scale got ignored! But when I was doing well we were tight lol I'd get on Mr. Scale with no problem! Well I've done some modifications with my relationship with Mr. Scale. Instead of him being my enemy, he is now my accountability partner. I commune with him at least 2x weekly. One for my weigh in and the other in the middle of the week just to monitor my progress. Mr. Scale keeps it "real." Because of the accountability piece, I no longer avoid Mr. Scale but have a better relationship with him:). It really helps to track your progress as well as certain patterns (like certain times of the month, you may be heavier or if you had a trying week you may have indulged here and there).

Challenge for the week: if you don't have scale I suggest getting a digital one (more consistent). Get your baseline weight at the top of the week (naked) and write it down and then weigh after one week (on the same day of the week..naked of course). Any changes?!! Let's discuss:) post Your comments!

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  1. Knowing that number is so important! It is easy to avoid by saying, "I just go by how my clothes fit." Well that doesn't tell the real story. Are you at a healthy weight for your height & build or are you happy to get into your size 12's instead of your 14's? I think if we are really being about health and not beauty (after all I see stunning women in all sizes) we need to know that number & make adjustments if we are not where we belong. Additionally all you size 2's that never workout & eat junk constantly know that you may not have a problem with weight, but you need to check yourselves too! Eating healthy more often then not & regular exercise are essential to good health.