Monday, September 13, 2010

Get movin!!

I tried the gym over and over when I first started. I had even paid for a years worth of a gym membership...but still didn't go! Then someone voluntarily paid for my monthly gym membership because they knew I wanted to lose weight... Still to no avail. I didn't go.

You see when I went to the gym..seeing all those machines overwhelmed me. I didn't know what to do or what I should be doing. So I just stopped going until I tried group exercise classes. I love group activities:) In those classes, I felt like I was dancing and I felt safe with the other ladies in the class. Step class is my absolute favorite! I'd add my own little extra moves to it!! You couldn't tell me I wasn't @ the club! Lol! After while, I started looking forward to the classes and now I'm studying to get my certification in group exercise lol!

So find what you like to do to get you going! Just move! Think outside the box.. You could dance as a workout (that's something you can do at home), go skating, use your steps to your house/apt., play the wii, basketball, dance like a crazed fool for 5 really doesn't take much:)...just a commitment to get moving!

Challenge for the week: choose your favorite 2 songs:) play them back to back and dance hard for the entirety of the songs!! Let's discuss! Post ur comments! Need an this out

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