Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Don't Have Time To Work OUT!!!

For years & years, I believed I didn't have the time to work out. I was a 40+ hour work-a-holic as a social worker. I bent over backwards for everyone except me. Left me drained, tired, moody, and irritable amongst other things. When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep. Work out?!! Puh-leeze!

So what changed.

I found out that physical exercise is the best anti-depressant, de-stresser, and self+esteem builder! You see, when you work out, biologically, your body releases happy endorphins...you get more energy and you improve your mood

Let me tell you a quick story. I was heartbroken when one of my good friends said they didn't want to be my friend anymore. I was angry and hurt. I used my workouts as a catalyst to de-stress and generate some happiness where I felt low. It really helped me get thru that period. I was less angry and more stable emotionally. I noticed the change! I'm like hey this is cheaper than therapy lol!

So let's find time to increase our happiness and de-stress ourselves!

This week's challenge: Try this experiment! When your angry do a quick 20 min workout...bet you forget what you were angry about! Lol! Post your comments!


  1. It's very hard to get motivated to go the gym after I get home. I am not about to make excuses however, I do have alot going on in the evening with children, their homework, dinner. By the time all that is finished its 9pm. Its hard to workout in the morning because I sweat my hair out. PLEASE HELP!

  2. this is sooo true. I hear this excuse more than any other one. I've learned that making time is the only way to get results...you make time for what's important to you. even if it's doin a workout video at home, or walking around your neighborhood. I need to implement exercise when I'm angry...good tip!!

  3. @ Christal if your schedule is packed... try to fit little things in throughout the day...5 mins here...10 mins here...they all add up. so think about your schedule where you have a little bit of time to get something in. Like for instance when u first wake up/ before u leave the bathroom...do 10 jumping jacks...if you have 10 mins @ work..do the steps a couple of times...take little opportunities to make some things into activities:) it all adds up...and keep a jump rope as well:)

    Shells:) yes workin out is a good mood stabilizer...and it allows you to get all ur frustration out without actually killin the person lol

  4. You could also try a new hair do that is sweat proof for awhile. Maybe take a brisk walk every evening with you kids. It will benefit you & them. Or work out at 9PM. If you have time to enjoy a television program in the evening why not
    use that time to workout instead?

  5. Very good ideas everyone thanks a bunch. I just have to get it in where I can. And I am always up for a new do, thanks EricaB. :)I am trying to get where you are TC and get myself in a two piece next summer! hmmmm just might get a jump rope this weekend.

  6. EricaB...what a great suggestion...maybe make it fam activity night 2-3 times a week before they hit the shower at night...lol... fam time and workout time... two birds with one stone:) u can do it with them in the mornin too...make it into a game...i like that

    Christal lets get it!!