Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Fall!!

 I remember when I had first decided to be celibate. It had been two years and then I slipped up. I felt awful horrible and that I had let the world down. I remember telling my parents (yes I told them) and feeling so terrible. I felt so horrible that instead of quitting, I felt well hey I've already messed up, I might as well just keep on going. I remember when I came back to my father and told him it had happened again right after the first encounter...he told me, "Tekeah just stop." Simple words that registered.

How many times have we committed to doing something, but then we fall off the wagon. The fall we take can be so devastating at times that we quit and just give up. When I had fallen that time...I wanted to give up and quit and felt like I could never succeed at being celibate for more than 2 years...so why even try. But my father provided a simple solution just stop and try again.

As it concerns our eating, we may have a ruff day, but we don't have to stay off. We can just decide to try again, have a fresh slate at the next meal, or start again the next day. It takes much more energy to try again then it is to give up. Listen, even a dead fish can go with the flow. So I encourage you, that if you feel like you've gotten off...its cool.don't stay there...try again. It's simple: Just Stop and try again.

Post your comments...let me know your thoughts..and share some stories where you got back up:)

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