Monday, October 4, 2010

*Rolls Eyes* Not today!!

I must say today was a rather long day. I don't know if it was the weather  (very dreary beginning of fall day mixed with cloudiness and rain sprinkles) or what it was, but today I didn't work out this morning. Yes, I said it, I missed my window of time for my work out in the morning. So I went on through my day saying...I'mma work out when I get home. So now, I'm home and you know what....I really don't feel like it. I really just feel like curling up with the Cowboys blanket ( the winning team) and going to sleep.

But just like I challenge others when the going gets rough...I'mma put myself on a challenge. I will work out today, and not go on what I feel, because its what I do. I can't be tossed to and fro like leaves in the wind just because the season is changing (fall is here) or because of my feelings. Its so easy to give way to your feelings though...especially when your a woman...we have extra emotions lol.

I'll be honest with you, I'm probably one of the  most emotional people ever lol. In fact, the major aspect of my job is that I get paid to feel and to empathize and to understand people's feelings (I'm a therapist:). What I realize though is that your emotions can you get you in trouble if they aren't managed properly. You can end up in unhealthy situations because of your emotions: mentally, socially, and physically.  So how do you work on this?!!


So even today, when I don't feel like working out because I'm tired and I want to quickly go to my cowboys blanket. I work out. This is something small, but if you can achieve this small feat than you can use this in other avenues of your life like with your job, kids, mate, etc (when your asked something you don't feel like doing). I don't know about you but I'm determined to be empowered so the transition to living a healthy life style is like a piece of cake  (ha ha no pun intended). So I'm off to the treadmill...with the goal of getting past 10 minutes:) Lets do this!

Challenge of the week: Select one area, could be  exercise, work, school...and complete the task even when you don't "feel" like it! Let me know your thoughts and feelings:) Post comments!


  1. OMG! Why do so many people born & raised in DC like the Cowboys? That's like self-hatred! Ok, that's all I heard in the post is that you are a Cowboys fan. Eww!!!

  2. lol Erica...i'mma star hands down...what else would i be lol

  3. I'm going to excuse the Cowgirl fan in you. What's really funny is today, I almost didn't work out and then I thought how fabulous I looked in my dress at my last show. My mantra is, "Gotta preserve the sexy" so I got it in on some crazy boxing workout routine I cooked up. Then, came home and saw your blog, how funny is that? Ha, I also realize that I don't have any clothes to fit that body I used to have SO . . . . . . . I'm drinking my spinach smoothie right now, cheers!

  4. tee hee work it Keyona!! thats what I'm talkin bout...tee hee