Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Tipping Point!

I was in a training with a group of ladies and they were sharing about their tipping point--the point where they declared enough was enough before transitioning to healthy living. Some said it was their doctor telling them that their health was at stake, other said it was a glance in the mirror, pictures, etc.

I remember my tipping point ever so clearly. The day where I'd said enough was enough came the latter part of January of 2010.  It was January 22, 2010. I had a show and I released my 3rd album, Beautiful Weirdo, and I thought I looked good and sounded good.  However, good ole facebook pictures have a way of telling a story exactly how it is.  My good ole friend facebook had pictures of me performing at the show. I almost took a double take. I was like is that me?!! Thats not how I thought I looked.  I was shocked and embarrassed that in my opinion, I looked a hot mess! In this one picture there was an emergence of a double chin and that was my tipping point. My double chin and the realization that although cute, I was now a fat girl.  So that was it. I said ENOUGH!! I was tired of losing the war against healthy living and decided that instead of just doing nothing that I would do something about it. Also, another incentive was that I was embarking upon the milestone of turning 30 and I did not want to look like that entering another decade.

So that was my tipping point. Everyone has their own. What was yours? What is yours? When will you get to the point where you say enough is enough and do something about whatever it is, even if its just a small change. I started with just a small change. I added physical activity consistently for at least 3 times a week....and I just kept doing that. I wanted to master something and after I was able to master the activity of 3x a week I added small changes to my food. It's a process, but mine all started with reaching my tipping point and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Post your comments about your tipping point!


  1. I love this one!!! My tipping point was yesterday, watching the video of us from last Friday...I looked HUGE! My face looked like a pie and my body looks wide and all outside! Especially standing beside you looking fit and trim! This is IT!! No more plump Shelley...

  2. My tipping point was yesterday. I am away taking my son on college visits and my youngest wanted to go to the pool. The room has a full legnth mirror and wow when I put on my bathing suit it made me sad :-(. I set my alarm to get up and go to the fitness center. Needless to say the alarm went off and the devil was BUSY. After rebuking him I got it together and did 30 minutes of cardio.

    Thank you for being an inspiration. I will keep you posted on my progress