Monday, November 1, 2010

There's A Fat Person INSIDE Me!!!!

I was reading an autobiography when a passage jumped out at me. It said that that within every fat person there is a skinny person waiting to unleash themselves; and on the flip side with every skinny person, there is a fat person inside waiting to eat up the land.

I laughed out loud when I read that, because I can relate wholeheartedly to it. At the top of February/March, I was 162 lbs (stackin and packin:) and now I waver between 123-124.6 which is cool. But, just because I lost that weight doesn't mean anything. I tell you there is a fat person inside of me who is just waiting for me to get lax so he can finagle his way back to the forefront.

In fact it happens to the best of us. We start seeing results...were losing and feeling great...then we celebrate with all the things that were our demise! Most of us call it cheating. It starts with I've been doing good, so I'm entitled to this or that. Its a viscous cycle that can go on and on if you let it. 

I've come to realize that you can never get too comfortable. I work hard to keep my fat person on lock. I still work out, plan and monitor what I eat, and use Mr. Scale as my friend. In fact you'd be amazed how many people look at me like I'm crazy when I ask the waiter/waitress for the menu and the nutrition facts. They often make comments like, you're skinny (I HATE BEING CALLED SKINNY), you don't need to watch what you eat. I beg to differ!!! Just because you may have accomplished a certain goal doesn't mean that temptation isn't still lurking around.  I call the temptations little monsters that are trying to help the fat man in you out! Be vigilant and have your guard up! Keep Mr. Fat man caged in. Our life literally and figuratively, depends on it:)

Share your thoughts! Share what are your monsters that try to let your inner fat man out!!


  1. At my highest weight, 205 size 14/16, I thought, "I'm aiight." Until I saw pics of me singing and thought, "OH HECK NAW! I had to be strict to get to 170/175 and I have to be strict to drop the last 10lbs. When I go shopping, I pick up the 10, 12 and still a 14 to try on. The Fat Girl inside me doesn't always see the brickhouse in the mirror. I still have items in my closet that are obviously too big because I'm afraid one day I'll grow like Sherman did in The Nutty Professor once the drink wore off. I'm wearing clothes I never would have attempted before (one shoulder or strapless tops and dresses, slim cut pants, etc) but still with a little bit of "am I too big to wear this?" in the back of my mind. My boyfriend and I went dancing recently. It was a relaxed atmosphere so we didn't dress up; just jeans, fitted T-shirt and cardigan. I realized I was keeping the cardigan on because I was still trying to hide rolls THAT AREN'T EVEN THERE. After getting hot dancing, I snatched off the cardigan and danced with my boo so everyone could see how good I looked! He twirled me around, flung me, dipped me . . . I NEVER would have allowed that before because I didn't want people looking at the fat girl.

    I get it from my friends, "You're disappearing!" No, I'm just trying to have the best body and health that I can. My family has diabetes, hypertension and joint problems mostly caused by weight, sedentary life styles and food choices. Skipping dessert is necessary. Having water instead of juice or alcohol, necessary. Going to work out instead of a long lunch, necessary. Eating a real breakfast, necessary. Packing my lunch and snacks, OH NECESSARY! Ordering the turkey or veggie burger without fries. And yes, I have to do all these things to keep Fat Girl away because she really wants to come out but she cannot hang around with me. One more dress size to go (whew, this is going to hurt) so plumpy can't come out to play. Hmmm, maybe for my birthday :-)

  2. Keyona!!!I appreciate u sharing:) u working it sunshine!! we keeping the fat girl and fat men in us on lock! VEry necessary (i like that)!!


  3. Love this post T! I remember being a size 6 down from a 12 about 3 years ago. I felt better than I ever had in my life. Then once I reached that goal (and love came knocking) I let it all go. You have so inspired me, but that fat girl keeps telling "you're fine," "that third slice of pizza won't hurt," on and on...Then I'll promise myself that I'll go to the gym the next day...and the next day never comes. But for more than looks, working out & eating right with proper water intake is great for daily energy, a healthy heart and numerous diseases that people can avoid with making simple changes to their diet and activity. So keep writing this blog to inspire us all to live better!

    And btw, when I reach my goal I will have no problem with folks calling me skinny! LOL

  4. bwhahaha Carolou u know i hate being called skinny! well when u reach ur goal (and u will:) drill sargeant here) I will make sure to call u skinny!

    ur right that working out and eating right is crucial to fight off diseases

  5. I too will have no issue being called skinny! HAHAHHA! But real talk, having our bodies in the best position to fight diseases is so crucial! I am motivated again! Thanks!