Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving: Avoiding the holiday 15lbs!

So, one of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving!! I love the fellowship with the family, but most of all I love the cakes and pies. In fact, I live for  Mom Montgomery's stuffing and her cakes and pies. Homemade carrot cake, poundcake, sweet potato cheesecake, sweet potato pie, cobblers, brownies, lemon bars....MY GOD!!  My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! I know that desserts are my demise lol!!

But its Thanksgiving....shouldn't we be allowed to go all out and just eat until we can't anymore! Well that was my old way of thinking! In fact, that line of thinking had me gaining at least 15 lbs over the course of Thanksiving and Christmas!

(clappin like Sherman from the clumps *cakes and pies, cakes and pies)! Thereby, creating the cycle in January of the perpetual new resolution to lose weight! lol! Not this year!

 Am I going to eat cakes and pies! Yes! The difference is that I am going to plan to include them and I am not going to binge. I knew THanksgivng was coming so I 've been devising a plan as to how to enjoy what I love and yet stay on task:0)
 1. Getting in some extra work-outs (though I just recently sprained my ankle, I'll be creative)--im storing up some free calories with these extra workouts (calories for my cake lol)

2. preparing to eat 2 small meals before the thanksgiving feast (breakfast: like eggwhite little cheese,  and fruit), and  (lunch:soup, crackers, and fruit)....then thanksgiving
---don't starve yourself for thanksgiving..you end up overeating..and feeling uncomfortably stuffed.

3. make two plates- 1 with some of the stuff.  Then 2nd plate with the other stuff for the next day... that way you're splittin the calories and still eating everything lol.

Last thing, that I'm going to hold close to my mind is that I got a closet full of 4s...and I ain't buyin no other sizes lol!

Lets brainstorm and come up with other helpful suggestions:) Post em'!


  1. All great ideas! One thing we really need to remember is that about 80% of how our bodie look is what we eat. No amount of exercise can undo horrblr eating. Does that mean you have to have carrot sticks & fruit only? No! Just remember your goals & know that there is more to holidays then eating. There Is the fun with family! This year why not have the family engage in Wii Fit after eating or take a walk & catch up with your favorite cousin. Get creative! Wha I am doing this year is hosting at my house so I know exactly what I am eating. I'm making a lighter menu along with a bunch of our traditional favorites. I have a closet full of 8's & 10's. Many of whch are gettig too big! I'm trying to get in 6's & maybe a few 4's like TC! LOL!

  2. lets get it...the wi fit is a great idea lol...i'mm take a 5 lb medicine ball to pass around lol

  3. T these are excellent tips! I definitely tell myself "But it's Thanksgiving, it's ok!" Then it turns into "It's the weekend, it's ok!" And that turns into "It's Wednesday..." LOL you get my drift. Actually last Thanksgiving I had a snack before going to dinner and I didn't over eat. And I didn't even have the desire to pack tons of food to go home. I was super comfortable, so thanks for the reminder. Love this!